Curtis Green-Eneix

Doctoral Student in Second Language Studies

Currently, I am a doctoral student in Michigan State’s Second Language Studies program where I assist Drs. Charlene Polio and Peter De Costa as TESOL Quarterly’s editorial assistant. I am also assisting Drs. Douglas Hartman and Peter De Costa as a research assistant.

My primary area of research focuses around identity and ideology in second language acquisition (SLA), though I do focus on other issues in applied linguistics such as critical classroom discourse analysis, social class and SLA, language education policy planning and implementation. Much of my current work focuses around universities transcending their sociopolitical borders due to neoliberal and globalized pressures through the implementation of English medium policies, teacher cognition and emotional dissonance in asynchronous online classrooms, and the effects of social class informs the linguistic practices in a language classroom.

Although you will mainly find me writing or reading in my office, I try to find moments of escape by running through tree-cover paths found throughout MSU’s campus and East Lansing area. Outside of this I am experimenting with new cooking recipes, playing some video games, or off on an adventure.

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